History – a bittersweet journey

Mr Chong Ban Tuck is the founder of Tuck Kee Dried Meat. He started his dried meat business at Penang famous Chowrasta Market since 1979. Prior to dried meat business, Mr Chong was doing other small retail business at the market. However, due to his passion and love in dried meats, he always studied the recipe of  dried meats during his spare time. He wanted to make the best dried meat for himself with his own recipe.

On 22nd Jan 1979, it’s the day to be remembered Mr Chong forever, after several months of hardwork in researching the recipe and product testing. Mr Chong’s ‘Best Bakkwa’ is out! He was very satisfied with the taste and he quickly shared to his family, friends, and neighbours. Everyone was impressed with the good taste and gleefully suggested Mr Chong should straight start his dried meat business. After a deep consideration and long preparation, Mr Chong started to operate his dried meat business on 1st May 1979!

In the beginning, Mr Chong used his small house as a factory to produce the dried meats and opened up a small stall in Chowrasta Market to sell. The business soon received positive results due to its wonderful taste and quality, at a reasonable price. Even though with low budget and earnings in the beginning, Mr Chong insisted to only buy good meat from good supplier. To him, the quality and taste is the most important.

Due to low capital and lack of machine and equipment, Mr Chong only able to produce small amount of products. Mr Chong and his wife underwent financial difficulties to grow his business, in terms of capital and labor. Fortunately, his big family, especially his siblings understood his situation and all of them were willing to help, financially and physically.

With all the hard work and sweat, Mr Chong and his family managed to move from stall to a proper shop in Chowrasta Market in 1987 and the rest is history….. Mr Chong’s dream had came true and he is always grateful of all his family members. Without them, Tuck Kee would not go this far!