Fresh Boiled Bird’s Nest 鮮燉即食燕窩
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Fresh Boiled Bird’s Nest 鮮燉即食燕窩



Tuck Kee is Penang genuine Malaysia’s bird nest supplier/retailer providing bird nest at affordable pricing with best quality.

Tuck Kee’s bird nest is free from bleaching, chemical and stabilizer!  100% Worry-free to consume!

Tuck Kee provides exporting bird nest to China and shipping throughout the whole Malaysia.

Tuck Kee provides retail’s bird nest supply, wholesale bird’s nest supply and exporting bird’s nest services to China and Hong Kong.











Fresh double boiled bird nest for hours with rock sugar.
Tuck Kee will only freshly boil the bird nest after you drop thew orders!

• Fresh Grab-To-Go bird’s nest drinks
• 3 bottles a box
• 150ml & 3.6gm of raw bird’s nest each bottle
• 100% non-chemical premium bird’s nest
• 100% no preservatives, coloring and stabilizer
• Rock Sugar

• Fresh products best consume within a month