How to Travel in Penang? : Penang Tourist Guide

How to Travel in Penang? : Penang Tourist Guide
April 11, 2019 admin
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Any ideas how to travel like the locals? Go to their local markets to experience the local ways.

First thing first, Chowraste Market to kick start your morning if you are travelling in Penang!

Chowrasta Market known as the oldest market in Penang which is just located right the the heart of George Town which is famous for the locals as well as the tourists.

There are various stalls in the morning market selling locals items and local produces. .You may get some local produces such as local pickle fruits, nutmeg, dried small shrimp, salted fish, poh-piah skin/spring roll skin, sambal, Tuck Kee dried meat/bakkwa and pork floss, chinese herbs, assam paste, local great ingredients and local spices for your cooking at a reasonable price. These are not the common souvenirs but definitely the best hidden gems you could get and impress your friends too!  These are all the good souvenirs you may consider buying for your friends and family, rather than those I LOVE PENANG t-shirts, but well is up to youuu!

The people here in Penang are warm and friendly that you would not want to miss, and the island is one of the slow-paced cities in Malaysia. So, you may consider a slow travel in Penang to enjoy the little things going around and you may get impressed with the beautiful penang.

Variety of local breakfast choices available in Chowrasta Market, you may get some local desserts (kuihs), local snacks and local fruits  as well. You may be spoilt by the choices provided here! Here are some of the must eat food lists at Chowrasta Market: Chee Cheong Juk (Pork intestine porridge, koay teow teng, vegetarian wantan mee, Tuck Kee Roti Bakkwa, Curry Mee, Chee Cheong Fun and Hokian Mee!


Dried shrimp, ikan bilis, salted egg, dried scallops are the things good for your kitchen!

Want to eat the economy way? Go for this economy rice for less than RM2

Tuck Kee dried meat stall

The famous Ju Cheong Zok (pork intestine porridge)

Local snacks

Soya Milk and local desserts



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