Penang Local Premium Traditional Chinese Sausage | Proudly Made In Malaysia

Penang Local Premium Traditional Chinese Sausage | Proudly Made In Malaysia
July 11, 2020 admin
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If you’re looking for a premium chinese sausage that made locally in Malaysia, look for Tuck Kee! Tuck Kee is famous Malaysia company that produce chinese sausages locally thoughout the year!

Tuck Kee bring you the authentic cantonese flavour, it has an unique flavour of the mixture of sweet-salty, smokey and savory! With the ratio of meat and oil 7:3 which is the best ratio for a sausage, the small little pockets of fat melt while you cook, can you imagine the goodness?! of As simple as serving it with some rice, that could be a good meal already trust me!

Cooking chinese sausages can be so easy, but the process of making chinese sausage isn’t that easy tho, it takes 3-4 days for it to be done. It has to go through this process, to be cured, dried and smoked with only the local freshest meat! Chinese sausage has long shelf life which can be easily store in refrigerator for 6 months or store in freezer after opening the vacuum pack.



You can eat it any ways you like, pan fried, steam or mix with any other food. Char koay teow, claypot rice, fried rice or yam cake is best local flavour to match with chinese sausages.

Not a pork lover? We do produce chicken chinese sausage too, made with 100% chicken only but still non-halal cause contain the super aromatic chinese rose wine!









Other than pork/chicken chinese sausage, Tuck Kee do have pork liver sausage as well as foie gras sausage too, which come in darker blood red color.

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