Golden Coin Pork Dried Meat 金钱猪肉干(500g)
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Golden Coin Pork Dried Meat 金钱猪肉干(500g)


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Tuck Kee Traditional gold coin where the centre of the coin taste like the waxed meat (some chinese wine) and the base of the dried meat is the normal mince dried meat. Tuck Kee’s dried meat is made with fresh premium pork meat and marinated with our secret recipe. And present you our special traditional gold coin dried meat which is tender, juicy and two different flavour in a small pieces!
德记的金钱肉干是经典的古早味。中间有着酒香腊味的味道,底部是传统肉干的味道。 德记肉干采用新鲜的顶级猪肉在配上我们的独家的腌制秘方来制成。 每一口都是鲜嫩多汁味道好,在一个小巧的肉干吃到两种不同的口味,绝对经典。
Ingredient: Pork, sugar, soy sauce, Fish Gravy, Chinese wine, Flavorings, and Spices.
Nutrition Facts:
Dried meat (pork) 381kcal
Energy total fats 11.8g
Carbohydrates 42.1
Protein 26.6
Our bakkwa has no preservative, hence please consume within 5days once you unpack or keep in chiller and reheat later.
Vacuum packed can keep for one month.
Keep in cool & dry place
For better enjoyment:
Soak the unopened vacuum packed dried meat in hot water for 3-5 minutes.
Reheat dried meat with microwave 20-30 seconds heat wok and fry without oil at medium heat